Field Care


The quality of your mount begins with you. Many trophies are ruined due to poor handling. Bacteria will start to grow as soon as the specimen dies. Exposure to heat and moisture speeds up that process. Be certain to avoid leaving your specimen in direct sunlight. Do not drag it by the head or antlers. Do not hose off or saturate your cape with water, even if it becomes soiled by blood, guts, ect. Wipe away soils to the best of your ability with slightly damp towel or paper towels. Blood, heat, and moisture are the top three contributors to hair slippage. When field dressing your trophy for a shoulder mount, avoid cutting into the brisket area, throat, and back. Extra cuts + extra sewing = extra charge for your mount. REMINDER: NEVER HANG YOUR TROPHY BY THE HEAD! 

Start by using a sharp knife to cut a complete circle around the deer at about the middle of the rib cage, just behind the front legs. Next make the same circular cut around the front legs, just above the knee. Now make 2 separate cuts behind the front legs to connect each smaller circular leg cut to the larger rib cage cut.

After completing your 3 cuts, pull the skin forward to expose the head/neck junction. Move about 3 inches down from the head/neck junction and make a deep circular cut. Cut through all the tissue down to the spinal cord. After the cut is complete grab the head at the base of the antlers and twist the head till it snaps away from the neck.  Before rolling your hide up to freeze, double check one more time for obvious signs of soiling. If the hide is soiled wipe down with a wet paper towel to remove as much soiling as possible. Then roll up the hide and put it in a garbage bag to place in the freezer or to keep in a cool place while you transport to us immediately.