- Basic shoulder mount $625 (Habitats and bases are extra)

- Wall peds starting at $700
- Skull mount (beetle cleaned) on flat panel plaque $195
  (Custom airbrushing available on skulls. Call for quote.)
- Antler plaque mount $125

Bear mounts:
- Basic shoulder mount closed mouth $625 (open mouth add $200)
- Half mount closed mouth $1500 up to 300lbs (open mouth add $200)
- Rugs $230 per linear foot
- Skull mounts $250


Fish mounts:
- Reproductions only

   $22 per inch warm water  ($325 min)

   $22  per inch cold water  ($325 min)

   360 mounts  50% more
  (Driftwood and habitat are extra)


-lifesize $850 (basic base included)

-fan/beard mount $195 (basic plaque included)

-clock mount $300

Wall hanger mammals:

- Call for price

Other taxidermy services may be available upon request.

Rush service is available on most mounts for an additional 50% of price of mount.